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house washing

Both soft wash and pressure wash are available.

House Washing

Most home manufacturers and many home builders recommend cleaning the exterior of your home annually to remove the dust, dirt, grime and bird droppings that builds up. Stucco homes build up dust and grime faster than smooth surfaces due to the texture. A thorough cleaning extends the life of your paint while making your home cleaner and brighter because dirt makes it look dull and lifeless.

Pahrump Pressure Washing LLC is owner-operated and can clean the exterior of your home with environmentally safe chemicals that help lift up and break down the grime. Working a section at a time, we first rinse off the loose dirt, grime and bird droppings. Then we spray an environmentally safe cleaning solution as a foam to break up the caked on dirt. When appropriate, we then gently agitate the surface with a soft brush, which loosens any remaining dirt. Then in the final step, we rinse the surface clean and let dry naturally.

Pressure Wash House

This is one of our most popular services because it improves the appearance of your home, and makes you the envy of the neighbors. Many times after I pressure wash one house in a neighborhood, the neighbors call me to clean their homes too! Then those homes enjoy more curb appeal.

House Wash

House washing can be done using a soft wash technique. Sometimes a soft wash is the best way to get a clean result and other times pressure washing is better. I can determine which method will work best when I see the job as I arrive fully prepared for both circumstances. Environmentally safe cleaning agents are applied to the surface, followed by agitation. Then the area is thoroughly rinsed leaving surfaces really clean. We work a small area at a time to maximize chemical action and to prevent chemicals from drying before being rinsed off.

House Power Washing

With House Power Washing, a pressure washer is used to loosen and remove the dirt. Environmentally safe chemicals are applied and allowed “dwell time” to work. Then the home is thoroughly rinsed to remove all dirt grime and surfactants.

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