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Solar Panel Netting Installation Near Me

Many solar panel owners have their array on their roofs. This creates the perfect nesting opportunity for pigeons and other pests. The solution is to add wire mesh around the array at the top, bottom, and sides to prevent pests from making a home beneath your solar panels.

I have been cleaning solar panels here in Pahrump since 2021, and have seen many ways of adding the mesh to keep pests out. I have seen plastic mesh installed by self-taping screws into the sides of the solar panels. This unfortunately voids the solar panel warranty because nothing should be screwed into the water-resistant panels. And plastic mesh lasts only about a year when exposed to our sun and weather here in Pahrump.

Best Solar Panel Bird Proofing – with Pahrump Pressure Washing You Get…

  • The best materials
  • The best installation
  • The best cleanup of nests and feces – I remove necessary panels to get all the nests and poo
  • The best guarantee – Exclusive 10 Year Guarantee on Installation!
  • Service with a smile
  • Discount for solar panel cleaning after bird mesh installation (when done at the same time)

I have seen low-quality wire mesh installed incorrectly so that after a short time it falls off. The clips used to secure the wire mesh need to be placed exactly where it was designed to be installed, or it will come loose after about a year. I see the wire mesh falling off solar arrays I am cleaning so frequently that I now carry the materials to fix these problems on my truck so it can be done at the same time as a convenience for my clients. If you have wire mesh coming loose, I can remove and reinstall it correctly so it will stay in place.

My parents taught me to take pride in my work and always do the best job possible. That starts with the best materials possible so the job does not need to be redone for the life of your solar array. I use only the very best galvanized wire mesh coated generously in PVC and installed as designed so I can stand behind my work.

I guarantee my installation and materials for 10 years, which is the best guarantee available in Pahrump.

If you do not add the bird mesh before you have a pigeon or other pest infestation, it creates a health hazard as the feces build up. Pigeon feces carry the same pathogens as rat and other rodent feces.

I have designed and built a special tool to get under the panels and rinse much of the dirt and feces out that accumulate near the nests. When there is more than 1 nest, it usually requires removing some of the solar panels to get under them and scoop out all the feces. Then I remove the nests from under the solar array PRIOR to adding the galvanized and PVC coated wire mesh so no birds are trapped behind the wire mesh. (Yes, I have seen dead pigeons behind others’ installations because they did not remove the nests, feces, and birds first.)

***You can get a discount when you do your solar panel netting installation at the same time as your solar panel cleaning. Find out more about my solar panel cleaning services here.

Solar Panel Netting Installation Cost

The cost to install solar panel netting varies based on the configuration of your solar array and is based on the linear feet needed to complete the job. Call or text Larry at Pahrump Pressure Washing for a FREE, Friendly Estimate on installing solar panel netting to your array at (775) 243-9550

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