Pahrump Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning

Here is a before and after shot of solar panel cleaning.

Pahrump Pressure Washing offers “haze-free” solar panel cleaning. Some people believe that rinsing off your solar array with the hose is the best way to maintain them. But merely hosing off the panels leaves a grimy film that can only be removed with the agitation of a brush, just like washing your windows or car. And when you use Pahrump hard water from your hose that contains so many minerals including calcite, you begin to build up a permanent cloudy haze on your solar panels, just like what builds up on your shower glass and walls. Every time you rinse your solar array with the hose, you add to that cloudy haze on top of your panels. There is no way to clean this haze from hard water build-up off the solar panels, so if you are rinsing your solar array with the hose, I recommend you stop now!

Many homes and businesses are going green and installing solar panels to supply their electrical needs and decrease their electric bill. But over time, solar panels will get covered in dirt, which reduces their effectiveness and ability to produce electricity. Things like dust, dirt, pollen, bird droppings and grime can block as much as 30% of the productivity of a solar array that has not been cleaned in 12 months or more.

Solar panels produce electricity by capturing light with solar cells. Because solar panels are installed at an upward angle to catch the sunlight, they are more prone to getting dust and dirt build-up, as well as pollen and bird droppings. Solar panels need regular cleaning to produce electricity at maximum efficiency. Manufacturers recommend professional solar panel cleaning every 6 – 12 months, using no soaps or chemicals and mineral-free water to maximize efficiency and maintain electrical production.

Pahrump Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Pahrump Pressure Washing uses only professional solar panel cleaning equipment and specially treated water to make your solar panels shine and produce the most electricity. All solar panel cleanings begin with a thorough inspection of your solar panels to make sure there is no visible damage caused by birds pecking at wires, or cracking of the top glass due to wind or weather.

We do not use detergents, abrasives, or high-pressure washing that can cause permanent damage to your solar panels. Soaps leave a residue. That is why your hands smell like the soap you used after washing them, even though you can’t see any soap residue. Soaps sticky residue can encourage dirt, dust, and pollen to build up faster on your solar array, and that is why we do not use them.

Pahrump Pressure Washing uses only water-fed solar panel scrubbers and specially treated water that will not scratch, damage, leave hard water spots or a soapy residue on your solar panels. Our method uses less water, and leaves your solar panels sparkling clean. This is the best system that leaves solar arrays with a spot-free shine that is just as beautiful as when they were first installed!

You are probably wondering, “Doesn’t rain wash my solar panels?” Rain can rinse some of the dirt and grime that builds up, but it will not remove the caked-on dirt, pollen, bird droppings, and debris that diminish a solar panel’s ability to produce power because it lacks the essential cleaning component of “agitation or scrubbing”. Just like how spotted a car not washed for 12 months looks after it rains, rain frequently causes spotting and dirt buildup, especially on the lower part of your solar panels. And with an annual rainfall of only 4″ in Pahrump, rain cannot be relied upon to clean your solar panels effectively or completely.

Can I Just Rinse My Panels Off with the Hose?

Some solar panel array owners have been told to, “Just rinse your panels off with a hose.”

This is bad advice because attempting to clean your solar array by spraying it with the hose does NOT scrub the panels clean, and it leaves a hard water residue that forms a haze on the top of the panels, blocking sunlight permanently.

If you used this same logic, you could just hose off your car and your windows at home, but you and I both know that would leave a dirt residue that was NOT removed by agitation and scrubbing. Then add to the dirt residue the hard water spots left when it dries like in your shower. This hard water rinsing with the hose builds up a a foggy film that blocks sun from reaching your panels effectively, and is nearly impossible to remove. Every time you rinse your solar panels with the hose, you make this permanent hard water film build-up worse.

***We first rinse each panel with mineral free water. We then scrub each panel with a solar panel cleaning brush 5 times corner to corner to loosen the dirt and remove the bird droppings. Then your panels are rinsed clean for the most thorough cleaning possible.

What Happens if I Rinse My Solar Panels with the Hose?

This last week I cleaned a solar array that had been “hosed off” by the previous owner for 10 years. What I found was that even after scrubbing each panel aggressively 5 times, there was still a hard water haze on the panels that will be impossible to remove. This hard water haze permanently blocks sun from reaching the panels to generate electricity. The only way to fix this is to replace the panels because nothing can safely remove the haze created by hosing off the panels with Pahrump’s notoriously hard water.

Does Solar Panel Cleaning Pay for Itself?

There is much debate on whether solar panel cleaning pays for itself. One online national report says for the average solar array owner it does not, but it fails to consider:

1) Pahrump’s high levels of blowing dust

2) The cost to clean used in the equation

3) The frequency of cleaning

Let me ask you this… What type of cleaning and maintenance service pays for itself?

Does cleaning your car pay for itself? Does cleaning your windows at home pay for itself? Does cleaning a pool pay for itself?

The obvious answer is “No”.

But what if cleaning your solar array pays for 50% or 75% of the cleaning in increased electrical production? Isn’t it better to get part of something than all of nothing? And I would sleep better knowing the simple maintenance of my solar system was not being ignored causing a film to continue building up on the panels.

I cannot promise you that the cost to clean your solar array will be covered by the increase in electrical production. But I can promise you it will pay for at least part of it, because you will definitely see increased production from your solar array after we pre-rinse, scrub it 5 times with a solar panel cleaning brush and rinse it sparkling clean.

Do You Have to Walk on the Roof to Clean the Solar Panels?

If you have a Spanish (barrel roof tiles) or a concrete tile roof, it is not recommended that people walk on it because it will break tiles and can cause the roof to potentially fail and leak. Pahrump Pressure Washing can clean solar panels on these types of roofs provided the panels are within 30 feet of the edge of the roof, without walking on the roof at all by using our 30′ water-fed extension pole!

Has Your Solar System Been Producing Less and Less Electricity?

If the answer is “Yes”, solar panel cleaning is your solution. Solar system manufacturers recommend cleaning solar panels every 6-12 months, depending on the rate of dust and dirt build-up in your area. In Pahrump, cleaning a minimum of every 12 months is recommended due to the high levels of blowing dust, pollen, and dirt generated on windy days that build up on your solar array.

Pahrump Pressure Washing will see that your system is turned off prior to cleaning, as that is recommended by all solar manufacturers. Then we will inspect your panels for any issues or damage. Next, we gently clean your solar panels with specially treated, mineral-free water, so they sparkle and are spot-free. Freshly cleaned solar panels produce the most electricity possible, just like when they were new.

We can clean solar panels located on the ground or the first-floor roof on residential and commercial locations, provided it is safe to do so. Photos are taken at the beginning and end of the cleaning so you can see what has been done without you having to take the risk of going on the roof or a ladder to inspect the work. When the solar panel cleaning is complete, the system will immediately be turned back on.

Will I Lose Power in My Home When You Shut Down the System to Remove Electrocution Hazards and Make it Safe to Clean?

No, your system automatically switches either back to the grid for AC systems or to your batteries with a DC system. The solar system is only turned off when we are actively working on it to prevent possible electrocution. Then it is immediately turned back on, usually after about 2-3 hours work cleaning your solar panels.

Superior Solar Panel Cleaning Service

If you live in Pahrump and are looking for a “solar panel cleaning service near me”, Pahrump Pressure Washing is your best local choice. We can save you money over the Las Vegas services that have to travel 100+ miles back and forth to complete your solar panel cleaning service. We also offer in-person, on-site Free Estimates, which are impractical and not available from out of town companies. We can even come back after your service if there are any problems. Las Vegas companies are unlikely to be able to offer this level of service before and after your solar panel cleaning because their businesses are located 70+ miles away. Keep your dollars in Pahrump by hiring a local company that shows up for the estimate and cleaning appointments on time, does a very thorough cleaning scrubbing each panel 5 times, and stands behind their work to be sure you are happy with our service.

Call today for a Free Estimate on your solar panel cleaning service at (775) 243-9550!