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Pahrump Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

When it comes to solar panel cleaning, Pahrump Pressure Washing has the most experience and best equipment for the job. In fact, we provide more solar panel cleaning services than pressure washing to our neighbors in Pahrump!

You Get:

  • Free Estimates
  • 5-Point Solar System Inspection Report
  • Before and After Photos Emailed for Every Job
  • Affordable Prices
  • Annual and Bi-annual Service is Available

When we clean solar panels, we do not use any cleaners, detergents or surfactants because they leave a residue. Solar panel manufacturers recommend against using any chemicals to clean solar panels. Additionally, we do not pressure wash your solar array, because solar panels were built to resist rain intrusion, but cannot withstand the very high pressures of any type of pressure washer that will inject moisture into your solar panels.

Pahrump Pressure Washing uses specially designed solar panel cleaning equipment that safely scrubs and rinses each panel with a specially designed water-fed brush on a pole that can extend up to 30 feet. We also use treated water that dramatically reduces the minerals in Pahrump’s hard water, so that mineral spotting is not a problem. This cleaning process removes all the caked on dirt, contaminants and bird droppings that accumulate over time in the safest way possible for your system. We can clean solar panels located on the ground or your roof.

We offer professional window cleaning too. You can discover more about that here.

Solar Panel Array Inspection

All solar panels are inspected before cleaning to identify broken or damaged panels from hail, fallen trees, BB or bullet holes, etc… to prevent potential shock or electrocution from leaking panels. PPE is used to insulate the cleaner from possible electrical hazards during cleaning. Electrocution is a real hazard when cleaning solar panels because they are always “Live” and generating DC electricity, even if you shut down the connection to the grid.

More information on how to choose a solar panel cleaner and the more than a dozen electrocution hazards a solar panel cleaner needs to know how to identify BEFORE cleaning to mitigate shock hazards can be found here in my blog.

Solar Panel Cleaning Service Near Me

If you have been rinsing your solar panels with your hose, I recommend you stop now. Rinsing your solar panels with the hose creates a hard water haze on the panels, just like it does on your shower doors. That hard water haze builds up and permanently filters the sun from your panels, reducing electrical production. This hard water haze is permanent, cannot be removed by scrubbing or any known safe process, and will continue to build up over time. I can always tell right away when solar panels have been hosed off because of the permanent hazy film I see once I begin a proper cleaning.

Best Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Here’s What My Clients Say:

“I recommend Pahrump Pressure Washing LLC ( Larry) to clean your solar panels. He was on time & our solar panels look new again! My wife & I are happy with the great job that was done!” – Bill P.

“Larry did an excellent job washing our solar panels. We would highly recommend him to our friends and family.” – Lillian R.

When you are looking for a solar panel cleaning service near Pahrump NV, Pahrump Pressure Washing delivers your best value!

Solar Panel Cleaning Cost

Our solar panel cleaning prices are below the national average starting at just $117, and are frequently less than our clients thought it was going to be!

Pahrump Pressure Washing offers Free Estimates, a Comprehensive 5-Point Solar Array Inspection and Before and After pictures of the cleaning. This documentation of the condition of your system can come in handy if your warranty is ever an issue or you suffer hail, wind, BB, bullet hole, fallen tree or limb, lightning or another type of damage to your solar array, because you will have documentation of the condition of the system prior to any problems or damage. I email and keep this documentation on file for my clients so it will always be available if they need it on a warranty or insurance claim.

Pahrump Pressure Washing provides Pahrump with a courteous and dependable solar panel cleaning service with a smile:).

Call Larry at (775) 243-9550 Today for your Free Estimate. You’ll be glad you did!

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